Office coffee products in St. Louis Metro Area

Better variety

All today’s coffee break must-haves are available from our extensive line.

Premium teas

Enjoy top-quality teas, including many flavors of black, green, and herbals.

Specialty drinks

Bring the café experience to the St. Louis Metra area office with unique options.

Sustainable coffee products

Feel good about your coffee and break room supplies by choosing eco-friendly options. We offer a variety of Fairtrade products that ensure coffee growers get a good price for their beans while also helping them learn the latest sustainable farming techniques. Fairtrade also provides money for community improvements that benefit everyone in the coffee growing region.

St. Louis Metro Area office coffee products

Best quality brands

National favorites

Choose from the top coffee and coffee-drink brands in the U.S., including Starbucks, Folgers, Peet’s, etc.

Unique: Route 66

Enjoy a gourmet grade of coffee that will impress with the ability to transport you with each delicious flavor.

Specialty: White Bear

Select your favorite from dozens of distinct coffee flavors created to meet many different taste preferences.

Break room essentials at a great price

Select the break room supplies you’ll need

Great variety of brand names

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