Food vending machines in St. Louis Metro Area

Top quality vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, and more.

  • Food facilities approved by the FDA
  • Elements are all freshly sourced
  • Ingredients of the highest quality
  • Delivered via on-site vending machine
  • Stocked in the local micro-market

Add more smiles

Boost employee work-life balance by offering delicious food at your St. Louis Metro area location.

St. Louis Metro Area food vending machines
Food vending in St. Louis Metro Area

At-work food saves employees valuable time and money.

  • Great quality at a great price
  • No need to leave the building
  • Ability to subsidize the cost
  • Option to upgrade to pantry service
  • Popular way to retain employees

Lift morale

Impress employees by paying for some or all of the cost of the at-work food.

St. Louis Metro Area food vending

Enjoy the latest food favorites and/or requests.

  • Food chosen to fit your location
  • Items rotated regularly for variety
  • Product requests welcome
  • Healthy options are included
  • Many choices, from entrees to sandwiches

Keep employees excited

Every day there’s something new to try in the food vending machine, micro-market, or pantry.

Food in the micro-market or through pantry service ensures employees are energized and ready to work.

  • Able to increase the moral of the office
  • Food sold through on-site micro-market
  • Food offered free with pantry service
  • Ultimate break room experience
  • Saves employees time and money

Happy food

Impress employees with fresh food that helps them be at their best at your St. Louis Metro area location.

Nothing but the best variety in St. Louis’ Metro Area

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