We are prioritizing your health and safety!

At Cardinal Vending, we have implemented safe practices, including social distancing, increased sanitation and wearing face masks and gloves. We will continue to monitor appropriate guidelines and update precautions as needed to keep your employees safe and healthy!


Your St. Louis employees will have access to various on-site  options, such as fresh food, snacks and beverages for convenience, health and safe practices!

At Cardinal Vending we are happy to assist you in transitioning during Covid-19. Our advanced technology will keep your employees safe and allow your break rooms to thrive during this time!

Remote Technology

We are able to keep our visits to your break room at a minimum by managing
inventory remotely!

Grab & Go Options

Our delicious meals are pre-packaged and ready to be served. These options are perfect for keeping contact to a minimum and will keep your employees healthy and satisfied!

Easy Mobile Payment

Top of the line technology makes it easy for to pay with Google Wallet or
Apple Pay. Your St. Louis employees will appreciate the safety and convenience of contactless payments!

Convenient Service

Your St. Louis employees will enjoy the convenience of never having to leave the work place with on-site service!

As your leading break room provider, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and will be here when you need us most!

Keep your employees safe and healthy with Cardinal Vending! Contact us Today at 636. 343. 8866 or email us at info@cardinalvending.net

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