Delicious water and ice

Elevate the beverage experience in your St. Louis Metro Area break room with fresh tasting water free of impurities.

Using top-of-the-line water filtration units, water, ice, coffee, tea, and any beverage made with water taste better. The service is easy thanks to a quick connection to the building’s existing water line. Then the premium filters remove invisible elements in the water that affect taste and smell. We handle filter changes and any cleaning required, making water filtration a worry-free service.

St. Louis Metro Area water services

Direct connection

Plumbed into the water line, water filtration units reduce your business’ carbon footprint by eliminating bottles.

Countertop models

Easily fill water glasses, mugs, or ice cube trays from a water filtration unit designed to sit on the countertop.

Floor units

Save counterspace at your St. Louis Metro Area business with a commercial grade, full-size water filtration model.

Full service

Water filtration is a great addition to the other break room refreshment options Cardinal Vending offers in St. Louis.

Dual taps

Instantly make hot beverages or cold drinks using filtered water from the hot and cold taps on the unit.

OCS booster

Elevate existing coffee and tea service with filtered water from the water filtration unit to improve flavor.

Make water a great tasting beverage at your St. Louis Metro Area workplace with water filtration service from Cardinal Vending at 636.343.8866;

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