Snack vending machines and micro-markets in Collinsville

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for Quality Vending Machines

Want vending machines for your Collinsville office? Then you’ve come to the right place. Cardinal Vending offers all the vending machine types – snack vending machines, soda vending machines (Pepsi and Coke), food vending machines and coffee vending machines – the products people know and love. Our vending machines feature the latest in vending technologies, like cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. In addition to our vending machines having internet connected, we also have lightspeed technology. We will monitor your inventory in real time, knowing when you need restocking and what to restock during our visits. It improves our level of service and efficiency.

Single cup office coffee machines and water filtration in Collinsville

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Ready for Collinsville Businesses

Admit it – you could stand to get better coffee in your Collinsville office. So take care of it the right way with an office coffee service from Cardinal Vending. We have the types of brewers to handle any coffee volume, and the high-tech features to maximize brewing quality and flexibility. Choose from the brands, types and flavors of coffees, teas and other hot beverages you prefer. We are also willing to comply with special requests. During our routine visits to your Collinsville office to check on your coffee brewers and restock your drinks, we’ll also replenish your break room supplies. From stir sticks, napkins and cups to creamers and sweeteners, we can keep your break room shelves full so you don’t have to.

Water quality is one aspect that is overlooked with most Collinsville offices. But every employee would appreciate it if you fixed it. Take care of it at the source with our water filtration services. These filters are available in counter top and floor standing units and connect directly to the water supply. After installation, you’ll have better tasting water available right from the spigot.

We Put Micro-Markets in Collinsville Offices

Micro-Markets are a great option for any Collinsville facility. Think of it as a small convenience that best fits your available space. No matter how big or small your available space, Cardinal Vending can put together a series of racks, coolers and displays to handle hundreds of snacks, sodas and food items. Collinsville employees enter the store, browse the available items, make their selections and pay for them at integrated self-checkout kiosks. These kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to track your inventory and do refill runs when it’s most appropriate. Also, they allow the store to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combined with a security camera system, you’ll have no fear keeping the store open.

Cardinal Vending offers the vending services to handle any facility. Contact us at 636-343-8866 or e-mail to learn more.

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