Snack vending machines and micro-markets in St. Charles

Get the Vending Machines
Perfect for Your St. Charles Office

With vending machines, it comes down to getting the type of machines you want with the products people actually want. And that’s exactly what Cardinal Vending provides for St. Charles. We have many types of vending machines, including soda vending machines, snack vending machines, food vending machines, coffee vending machines and healthy food vending machines. These are machines that feature the latest in convenience features, like guaranteed product delivery, cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring. Furthermore, our machines are energy star rated, meaning they are much more energy efficient.

Single cup office coffee machines and water filtration in St. Charles

Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration
for St. Charles’ Facilities

Getting the coffee that your St.Charles’ facility deserves is as simple as calling Cardinal Vending. We have the brewers to match any volume of coffee needed and the brands and types of beverages people prefer. We’ll work with you to determine the best brewer to serve your facility, whether it be a smaller single cup brewer to something that brews multiple pots. Our machines are state of the art, providing additional brewing features to allow people to brew coffee the way they like it. Beyond the coffee and machines themselves, we’re able to supply other break room necessities, like stir sticks, cups, napkins, creamers and sweeteners. If you’d prefer someone else manage your break room, we’re happy to do it for you.

Water quality is important. Help ensure it with our water filtration services. These water filters hook up directly to your water supply to remove the impurities causing poor taste and/or smell. They work immediately upon installation. Just turn the faucet on the unit and better tasting water is there.

Micro-Markets Designed for St. Charles Offices

A Micro-Market is the pinnacle of vending services. This is where Cardinal Vending comes in and builds a small convenience store right within your St.Charles office. Instead of a bank of vending machines, a Micro-Market is made up of a series of coolers, racks and displays stocked with your choice of snacks, beverages and food items. Because it’s not limited to what a vending machine can provide, Micro-Markets can be stocked with more appealing items, such as gourmet salads, fresh fruit and protein packed dairy products. Integrated self-checkout kiosks are included with each store, making transactions simple for any customer to use. Another benefit of these kiosks is they are internet connected, so we’re better able to track your inventory and resupply as necessary.

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