Technology provides more convenience throughout
your St. Louis break rooms!

Smart Technology

With our smart technology we are always up to speed with what your St. Louis workplace needs. Our equipment connects online and allows for real-time updates!

Top-Of-The Line Service

At Cardinal Vending our warehouse is equipped with advanced technology which allows for timely packaging and delivery.

Advanced Payment Options

At Cardinal Vending each of our micro-markets and vending machines are equipped with debit and credit card readers, allowing for more convenience and accessibility for your St.
Louis employees.

Gourmet Coffee Services

At Cardinal our coffee brewers feature the latest in technology. Many of our bean to cup & single cup brewers are compatible with mobile app technology which allows employees to brew coffee straight from the app!

Mobile App Technology

Our mobile app makes it easy to communicate and interact with vending machine customers. Those who choose to use the vending machines will be able to review and request services and products!

Our Green Initiative

Our technology helps us reduce waste and create a brighter tomorrow! Our vending machines positively impact the environment by providing eco-friendly options & with our efficient service routes we are able to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the St. Louis area.

Providing more convenience to your break room with advanced technology from Cardinal Vending at 636.343.8866 or

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